Safe Web Payment Process

The Protected Payment Process

The issue

Inside the digital economic climate, how can we reduce 소액결제 현금화 frauds where by the provider accepts payments and will not deliver the products or solutions? This is certainly especially critical now that we’ve a global overall economy linked by the Internet and digital media. Exactly what is essential is really a safe payment procedure that shields the desire of the two the provider and also the customer. This paper describes these kinds of a procedure.


The process

We presume that the consumer and seller have made the connection with one another. The client desires to invest in the supplier’s product. Nevertheless, the customer and provider are distant from one another however they can communicate via e mail (almost every other instantaneous communications channel would do). We also suppose that there’s an internet web page, referred to as the Protected Payment Web-site (SPS).

Move 1

The buyer logs on towards the SPS and pays the agreed quantity furthermore 5% in the internet site. The internet site then generates a Despatch Essential (a singular sequence of quantities and letters) and email messages this into the provider. The customer also sets a deadline on despatch and a minimum amount range of times between despatch and payment.


The supplier despatches the products and enters the despatch key about the SPS site. The website then e-mails the customer a Content Critical and e-mails this to your purchaser. The supplier also sets a deadline over the buyer for satisfactory receipt along with the minimum currently being the quantity of days proposed from the client.

Stage three

On receipt with the items, the customer enters the Satisfied Key to the SPS internet site. The website generates a payment towards the provider and refunds the 5%.

This is certainly an easy payment transaction in which very little goes improper. At Move 1, the provider understands that there’ll be payment if he supplies the goods. At Action 2, consumer is familiar with he can authorise the discharge with the funds if he’s satisfied with the products.

To be aware of how this technique can safeguard the passions of equally the customer and also the seller, we need to explain the standing with the transaction with the Measures and likewise the exception managing.

Despatch Troubles

If your provider doesn’t enter the Despatch Important in to the SPS inside of time limit, the transaction is voided plus the SPS will refund the quantity to the purchaser in entire.